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The world’s 500 largest companies generated $27.6 trillion in revenues and $1.5 trillion in profits in 2015. Together, this year’s Fortune Global 500 companies employ 67 million people worldwide and are represented by 33 countries.

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InteractiveVisualize The Global 500Each year a whole host of factors - the global economy, trade policies, mergers and acquisitions and corporate upheaval among them - push and pull at the Global 500 rankings. To help you quickly see how each country is represented on the list, we put the Global 500 on a world map. Now you can see each company's location, revenue and profit at a glance. We also invite you to take a look at how each Global 500 company has moved around in the ranks over the past 20 years.View here →

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Unilever Shares Tumble After Kraft Pulls Its Bid

The $143 billion merger would have been the largest acquisition of a U.K.-based company.

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Uber Is Launching an Investigation After a Former Employee Wrote About Sexual Harassment at the Company

A former engineer says the company tried to cover up when her manager propsitioned her.

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Trump’s Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Complained about CNN During a Meeting at Time Warner

The president's son-in-law talked about CNN's supposedly "unfair coverage."

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Google’s CEO Wrote Back to a 7-Year-Old Who Wanted a Job

"I'm glad that you like computers and robots," Sundar Pichai said.

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Boeing’s South Carolina Plant Workers Have Rejected Union Representation

It was a high-profile test for organized labor in the nation's most strongly anti-union state.

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